Next Advantage

Nearly a quarter of a century ago in his landmark work entitled Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future, author Joel Arthur Barker proposed how to identify paradigm  shifts. He defined how paradigms unfold, and how to profit from them. His theory centered around the idea of spotting new trends and how engaging those trends with the right people improves results incalculably.


Fast forward to today. The business paradigm of the new millennium has not only shifted, it has morphed into a complex landscape of technology, relationship-building, resources and policy that presents daunting challenges to even the most visionary and nimble companies. 


Where do companies turn to laser focus their vision and make the transformational decisions that will ready them for the future? The answer is Next Consulting.

Next Consulting is a unique consultancy keenly focused on preparing your company, your organization or your people for the next challenges and the next opportunities that must be anticipated in order for you to prosper.

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Our name is indicative of our role: to teach companies to more clearly identify the next chapters in their evolution. Key to this task is learning how not to let yesterday’s or today’s challenges diminish one’s urgency and passion, a key component in recognizing and reacting to tomorrow’s transformational opportunities.


Next Consulting strives to apply uncommon knowledge and thinking in pursuit of creating tangible value in areas including – Human Resources and Technology. Next directors use their years of real-world practice at the highest levels to provide intra-dependent counsel and services that correlate directly to specific challenges and goals you seek to accomplish. Our team is driven to plan and implement strategies that will promote efficiencies and ensure effectiveness.


Next Consulting understands how to analyze and explain the future in simple terms. We prepare business for tomorrow before a backdrop of rapidly unfolding change. Our unparalleled team of power hitters and power thinkers are experts operating at the top of their game. We are adept at championing a team’s collective talents and putting them to optimum use.